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by Kevin E Beasley,


by Kevin E Beasley,


by Kevin E Beasley,
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by Kevin E Beasley,

Moving Day: Part 2

This story is a reverse perspective follow-up from Moving Day Part 1. Read Part 1 Here. I looked in the rear-view mirror and saw him peering out the window as everything he knew grew smaller with each passing street lamp. That was six hours ago. I wonder if he’s seeing what lies ahead. It’s been a quiet ride. Every twenty Read More Here…

Moving Day: Part 1

Note: I started a week-long writing workshop today that required a writing exercise. And I tried to sort through the transition struggles of my 11-year-old. Here’s what happened. I turned back for a final look as everything I knew grew smaller with each passing streetlamp. That was six hours ago. I still can’t seem to see what lies ahead. They Read More Here…

The Dreamer Finds His Way

Adapted from the Story of Joseph in Genesis 37-46 Once raging jealousy burned in the hearts behind those eyes that peered into the pit they had dug for my destruction. Now I’m staring back into those ten sets of eyes with the power to repay and a choice to make. What path I would take, even I didn’t know. Vengeance Read More Here…

The Family Business

Creative Writing: Day 2 of the Content Marathon… “Twelve-hundred and twenty-seven dollars in one weekend,” I thought as I sat across from Robert sipping my coffee while he studiously worked through the geometry equation. “Twelve-hundred and twenty-seven dollars in one weekend.” It involuntarily rolled out of my mouth as he looked up from his book with a bit of frustration. Read More Here…

King David’s Lament

I slowly dipped the pen into the ink. I was considering the words that would become my alibi. A drop fell to the ground as if it were a drip of blood from my broken heart. Uriah – one of  my very own mighty men of valor – his life has been on the line for the best in me, Read More Here…

Transactional Ministry: WIFM Gone Bad.

A few years ago, I was making my living by pastoring a church. I learned a whole bunch of lessons. This is one of the hardest: transactional ministry has no place in the church. I wrote this article a few years ago, and it rings true today. The trend toward top down leadership in the church over the past couple Read More Here…

5 Parenting Tips for Boys

Parenting tips can come from all kinds of sources. Here is some advice for raising boys I gleaned from a teenager in a cargo van!


Justify: [juhs-tuh-fahy] verb. to show a satisfactory reason or excuse for something done. justification. Mr. J swaggered into my place of business about 3 years ago with the confidence of a quarterback that just won his 2nd straight superbowl.  Fearless. Firm. Assured.  He boldly announced that he could make use of my services as if he were doing me a Read More Here…

Driven to Produce. Fuel or Fire?

I feel less of a man when I am failing to produce results. And today, I feel less of a man! Motivated… Driven… Passionate… Eager… Fervent… I could go on. Those are words that describe the value of a man in America. The Industrial Age has embedded in us the value of “Get ‘er Done”. The results I “should” be Read More Here…