I can be a pretty driven person.

One of my greatest challenges is in giving the most important people in my life what they deserve… my time, focus and energy.

But I want to!

I know they are the ones who have been given to me as both a gift and a responsibility. I love them so much and look forward to their success. I love seeing them grow and flourish.

Julie (my wife) is an amazing mom with no ambition to be anything but the soil from which our kids sprout and grow. She sacrifices so much to see them succeed. I love watching her live deeply into her passion as a mom.

Grace, Gabe, Daniel and Susana are individually so unique and gifted. Each one has their virtues and their vices. They all have blueprints that make them so special. They are treasure to us! I learn so much from their presence. I long so deeply for their victory.

Living life with your closest peeps is really what makes life rich and alive.

When I write about them and about what I learn from living with them, I hope it makes your family life richer and more rewarding. I hope it slows you down. I hope it slows me down too!

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